Monday, 23 January 2017

SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE for ART CLUB on 18 October 2016 

Our Art Club Vision: 
To make art alive as artists,
 designers and art-lovers.

Below is our publicity poster for the open house

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

1924 - 2016 

With fondest memories, we share a few photos in tribute to Singapore's President SR Nathan for his unforgettable visit to Commonwealth Secondary School to grace our President's Challenge 2003 ~ CWSS Charity Events!

One of which was our School's Art Shop, pioneered by the Art Club with yearly fund raising for Society For the Physically Disabled which was launched by the President SR Nathan on 29 August 2003.
President SR Nathan launched our Art Shop ~ signing the Istana Umbrella winning design by our student Jane Chang.

The President signing our School's Guest Book and behind him is the Art Shop launched to sell artworks made by students for Charity!

A view of the Art Shop Booth @it's Launch and a catalogue of items put up on sale for the charity we had adopted: 
SPD/Society for the Physically Disabled! 

Delightfully handmade artworks, made out of LOVE were snapped up for charity!

The Art Club Team who pioneered of the ArtShop!
 These were our lower secondary students!

Art Shop Motto:Where Dreams Never Cease!
 Ever With The Best! 
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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Past Inspires Present

From CWSS Art Heritage Archives 
to celebrate SG 51 NDP - see SG 38 NDP where our students danced for Singapore!  

In 2003 NDP @National Stadium
600 CWSS students honoured to dance
"Many Dreams One Singapore" 
a grand mass display celebrating
our 38th National Day !

Below are photos from 2003 news archives

To accompany the NDP dance our
students also painted 150 mural art design works to decorate the many hoardings on the National Stadium driveway!
   Below are samples of the mural designs by Sec 1 students: 

Concurrently then our students' 
original mural designs created 
by lower sec classes & art club 
in conjunction with our NDP Mass Dance,  for SG38 NDP  were exhibited at 
the ESPLANADE MALL from 11-31 August 2003

 CWSS NDP Mural Art Designs Display @ Esplanade Visual Art Programme

CWSS Lower Secondary Group with parents & teachers at the Esplanade Art Exhibition 11-31 Aug 2003

2003 CWSS Principal: Miss Dorothy Tay 
2003 CWSS Art Coordinator: Miss Ruth Ng Lee Gek


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Monday, 1 August 2016

Our Fun This Morning

In Collaborative Painting SWC_Sharing Time  

1 August 2016

Fun, Relaxing & Therapeutic for Teachers & Students!

See - Our 'Masterpieces' Made Today!

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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

To all 22 students who submitted their artworks 
for 2016 SYF Art Exhibition! Below is the full list 
of artworks qualified for the 2016 Online 
Art Showcase & Catalogue!

2 CWSS art works selected for 
2016  On Site Art Exhibition (Public Showcase) &
 SYF Certificate of Recognition! 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Farewell Greetings!
To all Art & Art Club Students
Sec 4 & 5 CWSS Graduation 2015

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" Albert Einstein

Ever With The Best !  Art Changes Me!
#Make #Art #Alive in the #Community!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

We Make Dream Catchers for Charity & We Love Love Nature and Make Art Alive with Fan Painting!


Our Unforgettable VIA Experience
We Make Dream Catchers for Charity!
We Make Art Alive with Fan Painting!
We Art Journal in Sungei Buloh
Wetland Reserve Learning Journey 2015

@ CWSS Art Shop Annual Charity Sale 
31 August 2015 @CWSS Foyer

in support of our needy students &


38 Dream Catchers Sold Out for Charity!

Raye couldn't believe that her dream catcher 
could be sold at the highest price @$25!

The Team Spent Days Making the Dream Catchers!

Isabel (2/4) bought it for her sister's birthday on 31 Aug 2015
"You Made My Day So Wonderful!"

Art Club Sec 3 VIA Leaders Plan & Together We Make It Happen! 
It was really hard work and so surprising to see it succeed!

Exhibition: Sec Ones Make Art Alive with Painted Fans
Results of our collaboration art project with the SBWR Learning
 Journey & Art Journalling Our Love For Nature!

It's amazing - this boy a Primary School kid (visitor) came out 
of the Design Room at break time and pointed at a fan: 
"I want to buy this fan." & he took it home proudly!

(Suddenly we heard a scream of joy - a boy - 
a visitor from the Primary School had asked 
to buy the SiQing's Art Journal! 
So amazing! sorry - no photo available)

Mrs Greta Tang - our school counsellor said:
"This beautiful fan is just what I need!" 
See the delight in her smile!

Thank You for Viewing!
Look Out For More Photos 
to be posted in this Blog!!

Email our Art Teacher:


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Monday, 22 September 2014


THE ARTSHOP Annual Charity Sale @CWSS Envirofest Event,   12 August 2014 is a platform for young 13 year old students to Make Art Alive in the Community as Proud Artists & Collectors of Art for Charity! 

A Collaborative Secondary One "Make Art Come Alive" in the Community Programme Integrated with EE Learning Journey to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and our School Garden. These Acrylic Paintings on Wood showcase the students' original reflective imagery of their love for the colours, textures, patterns and shapes in floral symmetry. 

Secondary One Students Excited to See Their Classmates' and
their art works on Sale for Charity!
Mathilda (1-6) & Hong En (1-6) proud artists and collectors of art works @event sale!

Hong Nieng (1-7) shy pose with his outstanding
art work which which was snapped up before the event!

Mikayla (1-4) joyfully surprised as the VIP from
NBC chose her painting for framing! 

Kai Siang (1-5), our young art collector saw the Instagram Photo about the sale that afternoon and rushed up to purchase this painting for his bedroom! The VIPs from NBC & Jenny posed for this unforgettable purchase and gift to charity!

Lending a Helping Hand & Smiles @the Artshop Envirofest Event Sale Counter!

Denise (1-2) & Yi Fei (1-1) bought up their own works for charity without hesitation!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

W E L C O M E 

Sec 1 Mural Tile Painting Display on 12 August 2014 @ Envirofest Day with The Art Shop Annual Charity Event in aid of Society For The Physically Disabled & Needy Students Fund @The School Hall 1 - 4 pm

Surprise! 7 paintings were snapped up by walk-in visitors for National Day and students themselves. More on display tomorrow at the Hall ... Don't miss the show by Sec Ones who painted passionately their mural tiles in acrylics as they were inspired by their love for nature in their visit not only to SBWR, also sketching in our own school gardens.

Theme: Floral Designs in Symmetry

2 ​​Student Artists & Collectors! And more ...

Love it, We make Art Alive In The Community

Surprise! Students' Paintings Snapped up Before The Envirofest Day & Art Shop Sale! Thanks to our special visitors on National Day: 
Mdm Jenny Goh, Mr Henry Seow & Mdm Theresa Chang!

Ever With The Best!
60 mural tiles are on show! Come & Enjoy 
the Beauty of Floral Symmetry We Created!